The Holistic Sanctuary Drug Rehab and Luxury Ibogaine Treatment and Ayahuasca Center is home of the most powerful addiction healing protocol in the world. At our Holistic Drug Rehab center, we want to stress to you that addiction is not an incurable disease, it is only a temporary problem. To help you fight this curable illness, we have patented system called “The Pouyan Method,” which is an extremely effective Holistic Treatment protocol with the highest success rate. Results from “The Pouyan Method” at The Holistic Sanctuary have proved it to be significantly more successful than any other holistic drug rehabs treatment approach. We assure you, no matter how severe your addiction is, we will cure you of this so called- incurable disease. 



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Empower your Mind

At The Holistic Sanctuary and Best Ibogaine Treatment we’ll use effective coaching methods to show you how to utilize the power of your mind to help overcome addiction. Learning how to stay empowered, inspired, and motivated will allow you to flourish and have control of your life.


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Heal your Body

At The Holistic Sanctuary, our methods heal you from the inside out. Our revolutionary treatment and protocols not only have amazing success rates, but remarkably fast recovery time with few withdrawals.


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Elevate your Spirit

We’ll help you channel your spirituality to mentally free yourself from the confines of drug dependency. We use meditation therapy and exclusive emotional freedom techniques to teach you how to listen to your higher self and help you heal.

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What is Ibogaine

What is Ibogaine?

Commonly used by ancient African tribes in rituals led to teach initiates to overcome their fears and “demons”,


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Opiate Addiction Treatment

As prescription drugs hijack the mind, body and spirit of America’s youth,the multibillion-dollar drug industry’s profit rates seem healthier than ever.


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Heroin Abuse Treatment

It is a well-known fact that the major peak in heroin addiction in the US came by the hand of 20% of the soldiers coming back from the Vietnam War.



Receive Healing With Minimum To Zero Withdrawals with our powerful Drug Detox treatment “The Pouyan Method”

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The Holistic Sanctuary

The First Holistic Drug Rehab Protocols that Motivate, Inspire, Empower and Heal

What you’re about read will challenge what you have ever heard or known about drug rehab centers. It will seem to good to be true.

You will be shocked and say to yourself; “I wish I knew about this before!” or “This is so good it cannot be true!” In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t believe your eyes …

— What if there was a treatment center that would heal people on such a fundamental level that all other drug rehab centers in the world would turn their attention to it in awe. Desperately trying to figure out its remarkable healing methods to copy and reproduce..

— What if such a treatment center would heal their patients with minimal close to no withdrawals? And what if there were no humiliation and labeling towards patients, but instead empowering, uplifting and motivating coaching?

— What if at such a treatment center cured someone with a Heroin addiction for example would be healed in less than three weeks with permanent results?

— What if the healing methods used would not only end the addiction but also REVERSE brain damage caused by years of drug and/or alcohol abuse?

— What if at such a treatment center healed patients who were considered hopeless and cared for with extraordinary care, love and respect?

— What if there were no drugs prescribed to the patients but instead unheard of healing done through powerful natural methods without side effects and remarkable success rate?

Well, such a treatment center exists today and it’s called The Holistic Sanctuary.

“We know that our patients are 100% curable” 

At The Holistic Sanctuary we GUARANTEE you the following:

  • You will be healed down to a cellular level
  • We will resolve the underline cause of the addiction
  • Safely remove the narcotic remains from your body
  • Heal the brain to a pre-addicted state
  • Help you interrupt any negative paradigm
  • Teach a completely new and holistic lifestyle change
  • We will NEVER prescribe any drugs
  • No group meetings from morning till night

We Care about You

suboxone drug rehabsAt The Holistic Sanctuary, your experience will be exclusive and unique. “The Pouyan Method” is our patented and remarkably effective drug detox treatment. This method heals holistically, yielding permanent results and actually reversing brain damage conventional medicine has deemed irreversible due to prolonged drug and/or alcohol abuse. We will help cure your addiction and restore your brain to its pre-addicted state.

Our goal is to effectively heal those with drug addiction naturally and holistically. We are not in this simply to profit off our patients, we genuinely want to help you overcome your disease.

We welcome you to visit us and receive life changing treatment from our facilities. Please don’t wait. Contact us today to start the healing process for you or a loved one.

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