At The Holistic Sanctuary you will be surrounded by extraordinarily beautiful nature with ocean views, you will be given nothing but pure organic food, you will have access to the best treatments existing today, you will be catered to and you will be completely taken care of by staff that will treat you with exceptional care, love and respect.

The healing protocol “The Pouyan Method” is very rigorous. It includes a lot of detox, cleansing and rejuvenating. From the moment the patient wakes up at 7AM in the morning the whole day is planned for them in order to make sure they are active and fully occupied with fulfilling, inspiring, empowering and insightful activities. 

At The Holistic Sanctuary we get down to a cellular level where a lot of emotional traumas start to come out that has been suppressed along with a lot of toxins that are stored in the body. Unlike most conventional drug rehab centers where you’re medicated and kept in a static state, here you’re active, empowered, taken care of and set free.

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This is a world renowned world class healing center, not an attack therapy drug rehab where you’re forced to do chores and are labeled with having an incurable disease. In order to heal the patient you need all the elements so the person feels comfortable, stress free and happy.

  • Giving the patients the best care possible.
  • Being the advocate of the patient.
  • Making sure they get the Best food, the Best therapies and the Best treatments.
  • Never label or stigmatize patients.
  • Making sure the patients feel like human beings.
  • To provide a chance for people to get their lives back.
  • To never replace one addiction with another by prescribing pharmaceutical drugs. 
  • Making sure the patients get the true healing they came here for.

holistic drug rehabsOur definition of true healing is to reverse, rejuvenate, rebuild and revitalize damaged brain cells, damaged tissue, damaged immune systems and negative thought patterns that lead to addictive behavior. To take everything into consideration and look at the person as a whole, and not to medicate symptoms. The body is not separated from the mind. It’s all connected. That’s why we work holistically with each and every single patient.

There are no religious aspects here. We do not offer any religious practice. We are open to all religions. A lot of the people who come here are Jews, Catholics, Muslims but also atheists and agnostics. People that believe, don’t believe and want to believe, they all come here and get fantastic results. No one will force any religion on you here. This is a place for everyone to come and heal.


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“We heal you Naturally, Holistically, Effectively, Permanently without pain. That’s what you can expect from The Holistic Sanctuary”

Johnny The Holistic Healer