Alternative Drug Rehabs

Getting frustrated with regular visits to rehabilitation centers? Almost losing hope of ever getting over your addiction? You are not alone. Many other addicts are tired of this cycle and have found a way out of their dilemma by joining us at The Holistic Sanctuary. We are an Ancient Plant Medicine Healing center that offers you a chance to get cured of your addiction permanently. You will no longer havze to worry about relapsing after going through our program in California.  As one of the Best Alternative Drug Rehabs offering hope to drug addicts and alcoholics, we take pride when they leave the healing center happy and in control of their lives.

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Alternative drug rehabs are just that, treatment centers that use unconventional methods to help their clients get over their addictions. When you join our healing center you get to experience different ways we use to help patients get better without using conventional drugs that are often used in traditional rehabilitation centers. In fact at The Holistic Sanctuary, we do not have any treatment that is not natural based. We believe that mature has given us all the answers to life’s ailments and we only have to find out the best ones to help in the treatment of addiction. It is for this reason that we only use plant medicines like Ayahuasca or ibogaine among other natural modalities to treat depression, alcoholism and opiate addiction.

How we help you fight addiction at our holistic center

Although healing from addiction is possible at The Holistic Sanctuary, we know it is not a walk in the park from many that have been struggling with it for a long time. To make it much easier to succeed in the journey, our founder Johnny The Healer has come up with the Pouyan Method. This specialized holistic treatment protocol is not available in other Top Alternative Drug Rehabs In The Country and has everything you need to get cured and never go back to drugs or alcohol again. We have proven ways that we use to ensure that you get healed within two weeks or the maximum ninety days.

  • Assessment at enrollment

For the holistic treatment options, we have to be successful, we need to assess your mental, physical and emotional well when you join us. The assessment is a good way for us to know the best way; we can help you get cured of addiction in the shortest time possible. We have a dedicated yet experienced medical team that handles your Medical Exam Evaluation and Assessment. You do not have to worry about the number of tests to be done as they are for your own good and the treatment process at The Holistic Sanctuary. All the treatment packages require us to have tests such as Blood Work, Liver Panel and EKG ECG Tests Heart Check Up Cardiology Workup done before we commence with the treatment.

  • Use of natural healing methods

The use of ibogaine and Ayahuasca is embedded in our treatment programs because we believe nature has the answer to many health problems that many face today. It is no different with drug addiction or alcoholism, you can get cured if the plant medicines used are pure and are administered correctly. It is no secret that the plant medicines are quite powerful resulting in Spiritual Awakening, Outer Body Experience among other reactions that need to be managed well. Our shamans are well experienced in handling such situations in a professional manner for your benefit and that of others at the ceremony. Apart from the use of plant medicines, we know that other holistic modalities also have to accompany the treatment for it to be wholesome. Our desire is to heal your mind, body and spirit so that when you leave, you can be an asset to the community around you.

The Holistic Sanctuary facilities are located in a serene environment, where you also get to indulge in Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO. We also offer Organic Superfood Juices/Shakes as a way of getting your body back to health again.

  • Personalized therapy

Group therapy is not part of the treatment program at The Holistic Sanctuary because it is not effective. Many people end up closing themselves up and not receiving treatment in such groups which negatively affects the final outcome. It is for this reason that we arrange for our patients to have 4 Sessions Per Week With a Therapist and even get a One On One With The Director/Founder to help you heal from addiction. In such intimate settings, we know you will be able to open up and be vulnerable resulting in total healing of the body, mind and spirit. You will also have 24 hour Nursing Supervision and Care to make sure that you never lack assistance at our healing center whenever you need it.

  • Luxury accommodation and amenities

We are the leader in executive drug rehabs because of the grand facility we have put up in California. The main aim for building such an extensive healing center is to make you feel valuable and relaxed even when working on getting healed from addiction or depression.  As soon as you join our facility, you will be ushered into your own Private Suite W/Private Bath to enjoy premium service at all times.

Most of our patients that have embraced the amenities made available to them at The Holistic Sanctuary have healed much faster. Our founder, Johnny The Healer understands the victim mentality often associated with recovering addicts and does not want that to be the case at our healing centers.

Finally, when looking for the best executive drug rehabs in California and beyond that offer effective holistic treatment, look no further than The Holistic Sanctuary. We are best placed to help you get better in a span of two weeks or more, and promise that you will never seek help for addiction, depression and alcoholism ever again.