Have you been suffering with addiction for many years, only to end up constantly relapsing after failed treatment at a rehab center? Many addicts suffer the pain of withdrawal and loss of self-esteem caused by rehab centers and 12-step programs, only to return to their old habits once the program ends or the center ceases to treat them. Many addicts on this repeating cycle of failure lose confidence in their ability to recover from addiction, and feel hopeless and lost. For addicts who have been through traditional rehab several times without success and now feel ready to give something new a chance, there is hope with alternative drug addiction treatment.

What does alternative therapy offer the addict?

Alternative therapy has a great deal to offer the drug addict, including counselling and self-improvement sessions which are the very opposite of the 12-step programs that are usually prescribed for addicts. There are a number of holistic centers in Mexico and the Caribbean who are also offering herbal and plant-based therapies, including Ayahuasca rituals and Ibogaine therapy which have been shown to benefit the addict and reduce their withdrawal symptoms and craving. There are both pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols in place which can help the addict to make the most of their new-found freedom. Addicts may learn about new ways of thinking about their addiction, physical training to improve their body, and therapies such as yoga which can increase natural endorphins in the brain.

Why does alternative therapy have more to offer?

Addicts are traditionally treated under 12-step programs which place emphasis upon loss of control and reliance on a ‘higher power’. What this means in practice is that the addict develops low self-esteem, and loses the ability to fight for themselves. Without confidence and with a sense of hopelessness, it is no surprise that addicts frequently turn back to their addiction and reject these programs.

Rather than rely upon these negative messages, the Holistic Center and other alternative rehabilitation centers believe that the addict is fully capable of making the changes they need to become free of drug or alcohol addiction. Alternative therapy empowers the addict, giving them control of their own life and their own decisions, and this means that they are able to choose to give up substance abuse. By giving them other life skills to replace their addiction, alternative therapy can help to improve the mind and body of the addict, preparing them for life outside the clinic.