There seems to be no end of the troubles that addiction continues to cause in the United States. Recent studies show that addiction to heroin alone is up over 1000% in the last ten years. This has caused the number of treatment centers to double in that time, yet the problem continues to get worse. The issue is not that there are not enough treatment centers; it is that the treatment centers available do not work.


A new approach is desperately needed for things to start working. The ideas of giving prescription medication to treat drugs, using group talk therapy and following a 12 step program that makes you feel weak and inferior, telling you that you cannot succeed, is never going to work well for most people. What is needed is a system that provides the chance for a real cure to addiction, one that considers ways of changing the mind and the body of the addict so that the brain can be restored to how it was before addiction and the damages can be undone. This gives the patients a real chance to heal, gain control and take back the power they have lost along the way.


This is all possible at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary is a healing center unlike any place in the world and its success stories have baffled specialists and experts in the addiction field. The treatment goes against everything doctors have been taught by supplying addicts with a chance to actually CURE themselves of their addiction.


The Holistic Sanctuaryhas devised an all-natural treatment plan that makes use of positive reinforcement along with oxygen, organic foods, supplements, sunshine and other natural methods to provide a clear pathway back so the brain and the body can be rebuilt and reinvigorated.


The Holistic Sanctuary drug rehab makes use of treatments involving Ibogaine and Ayahuasca and performs a traditional Ayahuasca Ceremony using native shaman for the practice. This, combined with other treatments involving stem cell therapy, amino acid and IV drips and therapies, oxygen therapy, cleanses and an organic diet plan all work together to provide individual treatment for each patient. Courses are customized so each patient receives up to 120 hours of one-on-one therapy in the course of a month and none of it involves the use prescription medications, 12 step therapy practices or telling patients they are labeled for life as incurable.


The Holistic Sanctuary has, at its core, The Pouyan Method, a proprietary program created by the founder Johnny the Healer. This method has been used successfully with over 600 patients since 2012, many of whom had long records of relapse and failure at other facilities. This success has helped propel Johnny the Healer to the top of the addiction treatment arena.


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