Best Drug Addiction Rehabs

Fighting an addiction is not an easy thing for anyone and more and more people in the United States find themselves facing an addiction each day. Heroin addiction has skyrocketed in America and there have been a tremendous amount of treatment centers opened just in the last ten years but these centers have done little to help. The problems of addiction have only gotten worse, indicating that the methods being used are not effective at all.

Many of these centers all take the same approach to dealing with drug addiction   they supply replacement prescription medication to treat the addiction along with group counseling and the expectation to follow a 12 step program that tells the addict they have failed and cannot be cured. This method leads to perpetual relapse and failure for the majority of addicts. A new system is needed where treatment centers treat the individual with specialized care aimed not at placing a Band-Aid on the problem but providing a way that an addict can be cured and reclaim their lives, their minds and their spirit so they can have their lives back.

What many might think is impossible is possible and is being done at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary drug rehab has silenced critics and stunned specialists with all of their success, defying standard protocol and beliefs by supplying a way for the addict to experience a real CURE for their addiction.

The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of only natural and organic treatment elements, using things like oxygen, sunshine, natural herbs and supplements and positive reinforcement methods so that the brain can be re-trained to go back to the time before addiction, giving the addict a whole new lease on life.

The Holistic Sanctuary provides a real avenue for a drug addiction cure through the use of natural substances such as Ibogaine, which is proven to stop the cravings for drugs and provides an avenue for introspection on the part of the addict so they stop their addictive behavior. This, combined with a variety of treatments including infusion therapies, stem cell therapy, oxygen therapy, cleanses and other treatments are all part of a 6 hour a day one-on-one treatment plan that is customized to the individual, instead of the usual toxic medications, group counseling and 12 step programs that provide no expectations of success and little inspiration to the addict, causing more agony and relapse. 

The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of the Pouyan Method, a treatment method exclusive to the Sanctuary and founded by the creator, Johnny the Healer. This method has allowed over 600 patients to experience a drug addiction cure or cure from another addiction since 2012. A number of these patients had failed to succeed at several other clinics in the past, giving Johnny the Healer the best success and making him one of the leading developers in the addiction treatment field.

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