Best Heroin Detox Centers – Inpatient Heroin Rehab Centers and Best Heroin Rehabilitation Center

The issue of heroin addiction is a big problem in the United States today. The number of heroin addicts has gone up more than 1000% percent in many areas of the country over the last ten years, causing the number of treatment centers to more than double during that same time. So why is the problem of addiction still so prevalent? It is not because more centers are needed but because the methods used at these centers is ineffective and does not work for the majority of patients.

Most of the treatments found at these centers are exactly the same. They treat opiate addiction with other opiates, provide group counseling sessions and methods that are badly outdated and offer 12 step programs like NA that work against the addict by telling them they cannot ever be cured of addiction. All of this leads to more addicts falling and relapsing into addiction time and again. A new system is needed that undertakes methods that deal with the individual as a whole – body, mind and soul – to bring each component back to the way the person was before addiction started and undo the damages caused by addiction so the patient has control and power over their life again.

The path to this treatment can be found at the Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary has made the addiction treatment field take notice of their results as they have gone against everything experts have been saying for many years by providing a method not just of healing but of one that can provide a real CURE to addiction once and for all.

The Holistic Sanctuarymakes of only natural resources in all of their treatment methods, incorporating elements such as oxygen, natural supplements, sunshine, plants and herbs and methods of positive reinforcement to guide the patient into re-building their brain to undo addiction damage and bring their mind, body and soul back to where it needs to be for real healing.

The Holistic Sanctuary drug rehab offers a Methadone detox center to help people with a Methadone addiction. Treatment often includes the use of Ibogaine, a proven substance that stops the urges for opiates and takes away withdrawal symptoms while providing the patient with a spiritual experience of enlightenment regarding their addiction. This combined with treatments using oxygen therapy, stem cell therapy, IV infusions, amino acid drips, organic diet plans and more all work together to help cure the patient of their addiction. This is completely unlike any other treatment that is used that makes use of toxic prescription medications and cookie cutter approaches that push the addict down and tells them they have no hope of ever being cured. 

TheHolistic Sanctuary offersthe Pouyan Method, a proprietary method used exclusively and created by Johnny the Healer, founder of The Holistic Sanctuary. With over 600 patients cured since 2012, many of whom experienced failure and relapse at other facilities, the method has helped establish Johnny the Healer as a revolutionary force in the field of addiction treatment.

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