8 06, 2016

Overcome Addiction with Help from One of the Best Luxury Ibogaine Treatment Centers

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Ibogaine treatment centers offer help to people who want to end their addiction. To end drug addiction, you or your loved one needs more than simple treatment. You need a treatment approach that incorporates medication, therapy and counseling. At our treatment center, we aim at treating the body, mind and soul. We deal with […]

24 05, 2016

Get Your Treatment at the Holistic Sanctuary for the Best Non 12 Step Treatment Program

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If you are looking for the best treatment center in the world, think about The Holistic Sanctuary. It is the only five star luxury holistic treatment center in the world. What’s best, we guarantee results. The sanctuary treats addiction, alcoholism, heroin dependency, trauma, PTSD, depression and more. What is unique about our treatment center […]

18 04, 2016

Two Week Ibogaine Treatment Program At The Holistic Sanctuary Cures Drug Addiction

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Give us two weeks at The Holistic Sanctuary and we will give you your life back. It’s that simple, although many people may not believe that you can get over drug addiction within such a short time. At our healing center, we do not believe in wasting people’s time and money by taking them […]

13 04, 2015

What is my teenager’s addiction? Help for Parents

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The teenage years can be a time of tension and emotional upheaval in families, and this can increase dramatically if you fear that your child has become addicted to drugs, to alcohol, or even to technology. Many parents worry by themselves, afraid to confront their teenager, but also concerned that their child is about […]

9 04, 2015

Avoiding Relapse by Finding an Addiction Treatment Center that Works

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Have you been suffering with addiction for many years, only to end up constantly relapsing after failed treatment at a rehab center? Many addicts suffer the pain of withdrawal and loss of self-esteem caused by rehab centers and 12-step programs, only to return to their old habits once the program ends or the center […]

18 03, 2015

Suboxone Addiction Rehab

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Addiction continues to plague the United States, reaching near epidemic proportions in recent years with many areas reporting an increase in heroin addiction of over one thousand percent in the last ten years. While the number of treatment centers available has more than doubled during that same ten year span, the recovery rate has […]

18 03, 2015

Personalized Drug Rehab – Private Drug Rehab

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As much as people do all they can to stop the problem of drug addiction it continues to be an epidemic in the United States today. Heroin addiction alone has grown in some areas by more than one thousand percent. There are now more than double the amount of treatment centers than there were […]

18 03, 2015

Ayahuasca Ceremony

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There seems to be no end of the troubles that addiction continues to cause in the United States. Recent studies show that addiction to heroin alone is up over 1000% in the last ten years. This has caused the number of treatment centers to double in that time, yet the problem continues to get […]

6 02, 2015

Suboxone Addiction Treatment

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For users of opiates that have become addicted to drugs such as heroin, standard treatment often involves the use of other types of opiates as a method of weaning the patient off of the addiction to the harsher drug and onto something as a step down. Drugs such as methadone and Suboxone are often […]

31 12, 2014

Organic Produce Cleansing

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One of the highest forms of revitalizing your body is diet. Throughout decades of scientific studies and endless evidence, fruits and vegetables stand the test of time for optimizing your body. In the cycles of addiction, bodies are broken down, poisoned, and abused to an alarming degree. It’s often that a person cannot handle […]