Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Los Angeles

If you want to get a treatment for drug addiction which is not permitted in the US, such as Ibogaine, then you may want to look across the border at some of the available drug rehab centers in Rosarito, Mexico. The area of Baja California has become a center for drug rehabilitation clinics, all offering help to US drug addicts who have not been able to find any success in their own country. If you want to achieve sobriety, and think that a Mexican drug rehab clinic can help you where US clinics have failed, then there are some things that you will need to discover about the clinic.

Making sure that they are legal

The popularity of Mexican drug rehabs clinics has tempted some people to set up rehab centers without the right licensing and form-filling. Unlicensed clinics are dangerous for two reasons: firstly, they are unlikely to be able to offer you the best care and safety while you undergo recovery, meaning that there is greater risk of death and serious injury during treatment, and secondly, unlicensed clinics are also less well protected from criminals. Robbery and violence are more likely where clinics are illegal, and so you are exposing yourself to risk of harm. If you want to be sure that your drug rehabs center in Rosarito, Mexico is legitimate, ask to see proof of their licensing.  You may also want to check that they have the right medical staff to ensure your safety during treatment.

Making sure that they have the treatment you require

The reason that so many addicts are looking over the border for their treatment lies in the fact that some proven therapies are illegal in the US. The most successful treatment for opiate addiction, Ibogaine, is actually banned in the United States, and this means that addicts have to travel to Mexico in order to get access to the therapy. While many Mexican clinics do offer this service, and it is completely legal in Mexico, it is important to remember that not every clinic will offer this particular treatment. Check that you will actually get the therapy you require before arranging to stay at the clinic.

You may also want to consider other types of therapy available in the clinic. For example, the Holistic Center offers a range of treatments, including nutritional advice, holistic dentistry, mineral baths, counselling, and physical training.