If you are looking for the best treatment center in the world, think about The Holistic Sanctuary. It is the only five star luxury holistic treatment center in the world. What’s best, we guarantee results. The sanctuary treats addiction, alcoholism, heroin dependency, trauma, PTSD, depression and more. What is unique about our treatment center is we do not rely on prescription medication which can be toxic and addictive. We do not want to switch your drug addiction from one harmful drug to another. Rather, we have a comprehensive program to guarantee total and complete healing. Our philosophy is based on healing from the inside out.

We use a number of plant medicine in the course of our treatments including Ayahusca ceremonies and ibogaine treatments. These have proven to be very effective, and the results cannot be compared to any traditional drug rehabilitation center out there. We are dedicated to healing the mind, body and spirit. On top of it all, we are the best when compared to other Non 12 step treatment centers.

About Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine is a natural plant that has proven to be especially effective in healing heroin addiction. As effective as it is in fighting addiction, it needs to be administered expertly to attain the best results. At the sanctuary, we have experience and expertise dealing with ibogaine and ibogaine treatment. We administer the naturally occurring drug in such as way that is effectively fights craving and dependency without harming you.

Ibogaine has also proven to be very effective in fighting PTSD, trauma and depression. This psychoactive alkaloid has been used by shamans for decades to heal both mysterious and chronic illnesses.

Addiciton CureTree of Life

The great thing about  is that you do not have to endure group meetings and harmful medications that are not effective in fighting addiction in the first place. Treatment centers such as ours focus on healing on the cellular level, except that we do it like no one can. We are the best in the business, and our results speak for themselves. In fact, we do not admit patients unless we are sure that we can help cure them completely. We do not believe in wasting your time or money. We want the best for you.

Ibogaine is not just effective in fighting addiction. It is also a critical component in reversing the negative damage to your body from drugs and alcohol. Coupled with therapy, patients leaving the sanctuary are equipped with all the tools to help them lead successful and drug free lives.

Many Non 12 step rehab prices are exorbitant, especially considering that the only treatment you will be getting is ibogaine treatment. Although this is effective in fighting addiction and other ailments, it cannot be used alone if there is any hope of a full and complete recovery. This is something that is well understood at The Holistic Sanctuary, which is why we use ibogaine in addition to other modalities and programs including Amino Acid IV Drips, Stem Cell Activation, Massage Therapy, Reiki Healing and Carbon Saunas.

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest?

Apart from offering the most comprehensive natural and drug and alcohol dependency treatment, we offer extensive therapy sessions to our patients to ensure that they are not only healed physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. In fact, you can expect up to 9 hours of private and one-on-one therapy every day in the course of the program. You do not have to endure through group sessions. We believe in custom and personalized treatments if there is any hope for success.

Although Ibogaine is a naturally occurring herb, it is potent. It can make the user bed ridden for days and with undesirable physical effects. At the sanctuary, we are dedicated to making your treatment as smooth and as comfortable as possible. A team of dedicated herbal medicine experts is on hand to prepare patients for up to 10 days before the drug is administered. This is to ensure that there are no negative effects, and that the treatment is as smooth as possible.

Apart from healing patients from their addictions, our facility is dedicated to reversing the effects of long term drug and alcohol use. We provide brain scans for before and after the treatment as proof that our comprehensive program is successful in reversing the negative effects of drug use.

We Are the Only 5 Star Holistic Treatment Center

We offer the best holistic treatment available. The best part is that all this is done in a world class facility. We offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy, master private suites, breath taking views, physical activities, yoga therapy, Proprietary Brain Repair IV Drip, Carbon Infrared Deep Detox and much more. We are a holistic center with a different, offering progressive and effective modules and treatment programs unlike anything else available out there.

Best Non 12 step rehab costs vary, and we have a number of packages to help meet any budget or treatment needs. Our packages range from two weeks to 90 days depending on your specific treatment needs. You can visit our website or get in touch to find out which package suits you best, and what you can gain from booking your treatment with us.

Traditional drug rehabilitation centers that rely on the 12 step program have proved to be ineffective time and time again. Their philosophies and treatment programs are outdated and ineffective, leaving you with a very high chance of relapsing. At sanctuary, we cater to your healing from both the inside and out. We equip you with everything you need to lead a happy, successful and drug-free life. From Pineal Gland-DMT-God Molecule Activation to Chakra Rebalancing, we offer what not other holistic clinic or treatment center can offer you. Reach us today to get started on your healing journey.