Heroin Abuse Treatment

It is a well-known fact that the major peak in heroin addiction in the US came by the hand of 20% of the soldiers coming back from the Vietnam War. Since then, with or without all the following wars we have faced, a disturbing report commissioned by the Office of National Drug Control Policy estimate that more than 1.5 million Americans are “chronic heroin users” today. With such an epidemic problem, the outdated methods practiced at conventional rehab centers provide a very poor and temporary solution.

Heroin Abuse Treatment

The philosophies and methods practiced at various heroin abuse treatment centers are not the same. To truly end such a serious, life threatening problem, a heroin addiction treatment regimen must consider all of the core problems that cause a person to become an addict in the first place. By simply applying a cookie cutter drug detox regimen or getting them to avoid it for a short period of time does not solve the real problem. This approach often leads to relapse or even death.

This is not the approach that we take at The Holistic Sanctuary. We understand addiction, because we have experienced it in first hand, and we understand that recovery has to be comprehensive, wholesome, safe, clean and especially healthy. At The Sanctuary our goal is to heal all of our patients permanently, which is an objective we take very seriously. Drug addictions must be treated individually, because there are individual problems that have differing causes from person to person.

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Heroin addiction is a serious, deep rooted problem, with serious underlying causes that must be addressed. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we know that it is impossible to beat this dangerous addiction by simply replacing it with another drug. We think the mediocre treatments offered by conventional and holistic drug rehabs for such a life threatening disease are horrible. We want to heal people for good. We have been there, and we know how hard it is to beat a heroin abuse addiction.

Treatments like methadone simply offer addicts a new, different addiction, but one that is still dangerous. We treat our patients in a healthy way, with great care and devotion. Unlike most conventional rehab or luxury detox centers, we treat our patients in a completely natural way, addressing the psychological and emotional scars.

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At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use many harmless, natural and effective methods such as our hyperbaric chambers, energy healing, wholesome organic foods, fresh made cleansing juices, relaxing massages, organic coffee enemas and our exclusive IV drip that fires up a natural production of neurotransmitters to effectively heal the damaged brain caused by the heroin abuse.

We understand that each patient is unique, with individual problems, and that’s why our heroin abuse addiction treatment protocol “The Pouyan Method” is designed to treat every person on a One on One basis, instead of having group meetings from morning to night.

Heroin addiction can be deadly, and is a tough addiction to break, but with our holistic approach we have successfully proven that healing is possible, and most importantly, without the struggles and withdrawals that conventional rehab centers claim is part of the process.