The Holistic Healers:  Achieve Lifelong Sobriety with Holistic Healing

One of the major challenges in dealing with drug addiction is finding Holistic Healer that gets real results. Most addiction treatment centers focus on treating symptoms of addiction only, prescribing a life time of addictive drugs. However, the holistic healers and healing base treatment on a whole-self approach. The aim is to help the patient to achieve comprehensive wellness and lifelong sobriety. At our rehab center, we do not insist on cookie cutter, restrictive approach. Instead, we focus on helping patients to overcome their addiction fully. Our team comprises of compassionate addiction specialists and therapists who focus on providing individualized treatment to patients with programs that address their specific needs. Our goal is to treat the whole person for drug addiction.

Holistic healing programs

The major benefit of seeking help from holistic healing and healers programs is that they are documented properly. These programs and treatment approaches are different from the 12 steps treatment approach that works for some people but not others. Holistic healing is different from the traditional 12 steps treatment because it does not reinforce stereotype that addicts have poor morals or weak wills. Instead, our holistic healing programs use progressive, modern recovery techniques whose focus is on addressing the needs of different clients.

Safe detox

Our holistic healers make overcoming withdrawal symptoms more comfortable. We provide a safe medical environment and customized recovery plans for patients. Our addiction recovery plans can include intensive therapies, fitness training, diet education, yoga, meditation and acupuncture among other holistic healing approaches. Every client at our holistic healing center is attended to by different holistic healers every week.

Healing the whole person

When you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, recovering from your addiction is more than the simple feeling of being physically stronger. Effective recovery from drug abuse enables an individual to manage triggers and cravings. It enables you to practice important life skills and lead a healthier fulfilling life. After detoxification, we can help you determine the real causes of your addiction and remind you how life was without alcohol and drugs. We help you see that regaining that life is possible. We also help you rebuild the lost trust with friends and family members. Our holistic healers and healing enables you to regain control over your life.

Highlighting goals and address symptoms

Our holistic approach to alcohol and drug rehabilitation addresses symptoms that require healing. These can be emotional, spiritual or physical symptoms. At our rehab, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to recovering from drug addiction. Instead, we come up with customized treatment plans for our patients. Each treatment plan or program is aligned with the needs, lifestyle and goals of the patient. We help our patients learn how to re-engage with other people, activities and work that they cherished before addiction took control over their lives. By the time you leave our rehab, you are a transformed person that is ready to sustain life-lasting sobriety. Our rehab provides the best getaway that enables you to focus on healing the whole self.


After undergoing holistic healing at our rehab, you have to go back to the community. This is where you most probably faced challenges that led you into drug abuse and addiction. Life can be quite difficult especially if you do not get proper treatment and care. At our rehab center we understand this. As such, your association with our the holistic healers and healing program will not end once you leave our facility. Instead, we place you in a personalized aftercare program that considers your unique lifestyle needs. This way, you access all the support and help that you need to overcome addiction fully and maintain lifelong sobriety.