Holistic Healing – Understanding How is Best Holistic Healing from Alternative Medicine

An Ayahuasca Center is a rehabilitation sanctuary where Ayahuasca is administered. This highly-potent psychoactive tea obtained from South American rain forests is used for effecting recovery from various disorders and forms of addiction.

Are They Effective?

According to shamans and holistic healers, this powerful natural tea could offer an answer to incurable mystery illnesses, along with restoring lost connection of the human body with its soul and spirit. A good number of Ayahuasca users, claim having experienced miraculous healing from diverse addictions, PTSD, Eating Disorders, Depression as well as Trauma due to rape incidents.

Initially, individuals seeking to benefit from Ayahuasca treatment required travelling to Peruor another dangerous unknown place within the jungle in order to experience this life-changing therapy. However, the Holistic Sanctuary has made this healing therapy easily available by applying“The Pouyan Method”.

Ayahuasca has been utilized in Amazon Shaman practices and traditional medicine for centuries. This tea is concocted from a host of plants, among which is dimethyltryptamine or DMT, a psychedelic chemical. It is valued highly owing to its unique healing properties and at times employed for exploring dreams, fears, hopes, inner thoughts and spiritual guidance.


How is it done?

Users of Ayahuasca go through intense and strong audio-visual hallucinations. The word is derived from Quechua, which means vine of the soul. Many different illnesses have been cured by this safe-to-digest and non-addictive tea. They include cancer, anxiety, depression as well as drug addictions.

It is believed by the locals that grew up around this potent intoxicating remedy that the herbs used to concoct it retain the capability to release their spirits to guide through invigoration.  Through the use of this remedy people believe they can gain clarity on their own self-destruction by other-world spirits. People whom undergo the experience believe to gain the ability to conquer their hardships, as well as a new found self-worth.

The Holistic Sanctuary brews its own tea at a village it owns within the locality. All Ayahuasca Ceremonies have Emergency Rescue Doctors, Nurses as well as Medical Assistants at hand to deal with any issues that arise. We never risk the health or safety or guests who come to us seeking a safe Ayahuasca Retreat Location. Our approach to rehabilitation starts with 10 days of preparing guests before they make way to the centre. Holistic Sanctuary employs a customized protocol for pre-treatment, done in order to magnify efficacy of our treatment plan and to ensure the safety of guests.