Holistic Sanctuary Drug Rehab

What does it take to successfully cure drug and alcohol addiction, or help people struggling with eating disorders and other mental struggles? At the Holistic Sanctuary, the success depends upon treating addicts with sympathy and understanding, and without condemning them. Addicts who have struggled with their issues for years can finally overcome their problems, and start to make a new life for themselves beyond the addiction. This is a dramatic step forward for any addict, and can be achieved with the Sanctuary’s skill and knowledge.

Why modern rehab is failing addicts

By the time heroin addicts and alcoholics come to the Holistic Sanctuary, they will have already experienced traditional rehabilitation in state clinics, and also in private hospitals. Most addicts can tell remarkably similar stories of their experiences in rehab, including being made to feel as though they were helpless in the face of this crushing disease, which would always be incurable. 12-step programs and medications repeatedly focus upon the dependent nature of the addict, and upon the impossibility of a cure. This can leave the addict feeling as though there was no hope, and that any attempt to cure themselves of their addiction would be futile. The Holistic Sanctuary opposes such belief systems, and instead considers addiction to be only a temporary problem, one that can be cured using alternative therapies and treatments.

How alternative therapies help

When the addict wants to give up, their cure depends on them being able to change their mind. This is not a figure of speech, and doesn’t refer to willpower, but instead means treating the physical damage which drugs have wrought on the brain, changing its neuro-receptors and making it unable to function without the drug. Changing an addict’s mind means reversing that damage, and helping the brain to recover, not as a side-effect, but as the main aim of any therapies.

How natural therapies can help

The Holistic Sanctuary has successfully treated and cured well over 600 patients through the use of alternative therapies and the Pouyan Method. This is a protocol which follows ancient traditions of rebirth and rejuvenation. For example, the patient will have detox, will be cleansed using diet and water irrigations, and also treated using ritual supplements such as Ibogaine. The Sanctuary wants to make sure that addicts get the best treatment, with the best therapies, and in this, they have been successful for many patients.