Ibogaine Therapy: How it Works in Treating Drug Addictions

People have used ibogaine for therapeutic purposes for many years. However, ibogaine therapy became increasingly popular over the recent years. This was after it was revealed that it decreases the desire to self-administer opiates, stimulants and to drink alcohol. It has also been proven to minimize symptoms that are associated with drug withdrawal. There are also studies that have shown that it helps in reducing the development of alcohol and opiates tolerance while decreasing cravings for cocaine and opiates for a relatively long period.

Other conditions

Ibogaine has also been used therapeutically to treat psychological disorders. These include post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. The psychological effects of ibogaine enable people to perceive difficult experiences objectively. They also facilitate bring unresolved emotional issues or conflicts to an end. Generally, ibogaine has been used therapeutically for various purposes. At our addiction treatment center, we have used ibogaine therapy in treating addictions to various drugs successfully.

Ibogaine for Detoxification

Today, ibogaine treatment for drug addiction provides an alternative detoxification as well as treatment for drug addiction. In most cases, it is used to treat heroin or opioid addiction. This herbal alkaloid comes from the bark of the roots of an African shrub. It is a psychoactive substance that has hallucinogenic properties. Although some people take it for recreational purposes, it has been proven effective in treating addictions. We have used ibogaine therapeutically to help drug addicts kick their addiction safely and successfully.

How it works

At our addiction treatment center, we use ibogaine therapeutically to provide two types of treatments. First, we use ibogaine to help patients beat addiction. In most cases, this works for people with heroin dependence. It is used for detoxification purpose and to alleviate cravings. Second, we use ibogaine to facilitate psychotherapy sessions. This entails administering ibogaine in sub-clinical doses. From our experience, ibogaine is capable of relieving withdrawal symptoms in most drug addiction cases. What is more interesting is the fact that this alkaloid is effective even in cases of the hard core addicts.

Why ibogaine therapy is so effective

Ibogaine has anti-withdrawal and anti-addictive properties. These can be seen from its transitional metabolite known as Noribogaine. This metabolite increases serotonin and dopamine level in the user’s body. This gives them the well-being feeling while blocking the brain receptors that are responsible for the cravings for the addictive drugs. It is important to note that ibogaine is not a drugs substitute and it is non-addictive. It disrupts addiction chemically. Using ibogaine therapeutically at our treatment center enables us to provide a comfortable and safe detoxification that is combined with reliable and effective treatment for drug cravings.

Deal with underlying issues

This therapy enables a patient to immerse into a condition where they can focus on their underlying causes of drug abuse and addiction. This happens without experiencing withdrawal symptoms which can be stressful and intense. These symptoms are the major hindrances to the recovery of most patients that are battling opiates addictions. However, with ibogaine these symptoms are reduced drastically and made bearable. In fact, withdrawal symptoms are alleviated in some cases.

Safe Treatment for Drug Addiction

It is important to note that although ibogaine is an effective treatment for drug addiction, it can have serious side effects if it is not used clinically. At our addiction treatment center, we have specialist doctors and medical professionals who offer ibogaine therapy to patients. This ensures that your safety or that of your loved one is ensured while undergoing treatment for addiction at our treatment center.

If you or a person that you care about needs help with addiction, get in touch with us any time and we will be glad to help you overcome addiction.