Ibogaine Treatment California Facility: Best Addiction with Safe and Effective Treatment

Ibogaine is a relatively new treatment for drug addiction. It is a naturally occurring alkaloid that has been proven to have anti-addictive properties. Seeking help from an ibogaine treatment California facility can transform your life or that of a loved person completely. Traditionally, ibogaine has been used to fight fatigue, hunger and thirst in low doses. In higher doses, the alkaloid has been used in spiritual ceremonies for initiation purposes. However, recent studies have proven that this alkaloid is capable of fighting or treating severe addiction. At our addiction treatment center, we have used ibogaine in treating addiction and related disorders like anxiety and depression.

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Break-free from drug addiction

Your life is great without drug addiction. Problems like anxiety and depression can be the cause of drug addiction. They can also be caused by drug addiction. However, they can make you lose control over your life or thoughts. Fortunately, you can be healed by seeking help from a reputable ibogaine treatment center. Ibogaine breaks the tendency or habit of thinking negatively about self. This alkaloid treats the mind and body. While undergoing ibogaine treatment, you get important insights that will enable you to enhance your overall health and well being. When this treatment is administered at a medically fit and safe ibogaine treatment California facility, it yields better results.

How it works

Ibogaine works by refreshing and resetting the sites of opiate receptors in the mind while alleviating the withdrawal symptoms that accompany opiate detoxification. This alkaloid is a naturally occurring, non-addictive medicine. Once you have recovered from drug addiction, you do not have to take ibogaine to maintain sobriety. Ibogaine treats addictions for other drugs by cleansing the entire body internally while resetting the neuro-chemistry of your brain. It re balances human brain to the pre-addictive state. The entire treatment can take up to weeks or months before you regain your pre-addicted mental health.

Addiction that can be cured with ibogaine

Ibogaine is very effective in treating addiction to drug stimulants. Once ibogaine is administered, the liver converts it into nor-ibogaine. In this form, it is stored in the body fat cells where it continues to work by curbing cravings and taking away the desire of using the addictive drugs. Using this alkaloid introduces anti-depressive effects in the body creating a well being state and freedom from the negative thoughts.

Among the addiction that can be treated with ibogaine include:

  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Meth addiction
  • Methadone addiction
  • Oxycontin addiction

Ideal for people with mental diseases

Perhaps, you or a loved one is battling with addiction and mental diseases like tension, depression and anxiety. This treatment can help you. At our ibogaine treatment facility in California, we have used ibogaine to treat these mental diseases. People have also used the alkaloid when they want to grow and develop spiritually. This is because when ibogaine is administered, it heals not just the body and mind, but the soul as well. It also refreshes the nervous system. This is why we use ibogaine at our treatment center to heal the whole person.

Get help and support

Ibogaine treatment is more than being in a treatment facility where the alkaloid is administered into your body. At our treatment center, we understand how you feel when battling drug addiction. Our goal is to ensure that you benefit from this treatment fully. Therefore, we provide you all the support that you need alongside ibogaine treatment to ensure that stop abusing drugs and lead a more fulfilling life.

If you or a person you care about is struggling with drug addiction, visit our ibogaine treatment California facility today. We will be glad to help you beat drug addiction safely.