Ibogaine Treatment Cost: Reasonably Priced Quality Treatment and Care

Ibogaine Treatment Cost – If you or a person that you love wants to undergo ibogaine treatment rehab cost for addiction, you most likely want to find a good rehab center for them. One factor that you have to consider is the cost of ibogaine Rehab treatment. Basically, ibogaine is an alkaloid that comes from Terbananthe Iboga’s roots. This plant grows in Africa and it has been in use for many years by various tribes in Africa. It has been used as an ingredient of sacred ceremonies and rituals and while hunting. However, studies have shown that this alkaloid is effective in treating addiction. It has shown remarkable results in eliminating or reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings for the addictive drugs to a large extent. Although in some cases this drug induces hallucinations, it is not addictive. There have been reports of incredible success rates in the use of this alkaloid in treating patients with addiction to alcohol, suboxone, methamphetamines, alcohol, Subutex, cocaine, heroin and opiate among others.

What ibogaine treatment cost at our rehab includes

At our rehab center, the cost of ibogaine addiction treatment includes up to 70 hours of therapy and up to 72 hours of ibogaine administration that is medically supervised. Addicts who need a specified dosage of ibogaine are monitored closely for a specified period especially during the first hours of withdrawals and cravings. Ibogaine treatment is ideal for patients that are suffering from drug dependency with the fear of the withdrawal symptoms which can be severe in some cases. At our rehab, we focus on making addiction treatment as safe and effective as possible.

Why our ibogaine treatment center cost is the best than other

The cost of our ibogaine cost is the best that you will not get anywhere else for the kind of quality treatment, amenities and services that we offer. Our ibogaine treatment ensures your self-confidence and mental strength throughout their stay at our rehab. We address all problems and factors that trigger drug abuse and subsequent addiction while addressing hindrances to recovery. Ibogaine is very effective in treating addiction because it replaces drugs that a person is addicted to while minimizing effects of addiction and the detoxification process. According to the recent studies, ibogaine is capable of improving the psychological condition of the patients even those with non-addiction related disorders that might influence some brain cells that are responsible for controlling human behavior. At our rehab center, we ensure that what you pay for is what you get.

Safe treatment

While considering ibogaine treatment centers cost, it is important that you also consider your safety or that of your loved one. At our ibogaine rehab center, we ensure that there are doctors and nurses that are always monitoring patients. We have established the best medical environment for undergoing ibogaine treatment. We ensure that the cost that you pay for ibogaine treatment corresponds to the quality of care, treatment and amenities that you enjoy at our rehab center. Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one benefits from ibogaine treatment fully.

Personalized care

We know that each patient has different needs when it comes to recovery from drug addiction. As such, we provide a flexible pricing system that caters for the addiction recovery needs of every patient. While pricing our ibogaine treatment, we consider factors like the duration of stay at our center, physical characteristics of a patient, health and addiction type of a patient. All these factors influence psychotherapy, dosage and care that a patient needs. Our cost of ibogaine rehab treatment is based on these and other factors to ensure that each patient receives personalized care and treatment.

At our rehab center, we charge a reasonable price for quality treatment and care.