What is Ibogaine – How can Ibogaine Treats Drug Addiction

The Ibogaine Experience – Addiction has ruined the lives of many people. Unfortunately, many individuals have sought treatment or help with addiction but they have relapsed after undergoing treatment. However, there is hope for these people because of the powerful ibogaine drug rehab has been proven effective in treating drug addiction. This is an alkaloid that comes from the bark of the roots of a shrub that grows in West Africa called Tabernanthe Iboga. The shrub has been in use for many years. It has been used for passage rites and spiritual development purposes. However, the properties of this alkaloid as a treatment for drug addiction were discovered in the 1960s. From this time, several studies have been conducted with an aim of establishing the effectiveness of this alkaloid in treating addiction to methadone, heroin, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol and methamphetamine. At our addiction treatment center, we have helped many patients overcome addiction using this alkaloid.


Alleviating Symptoms

Ibogaine drug rehab is very effective in alleviating the physical symptoms of withdrawal. It does this by refreshing and resetting sites of the opiate receptors. However, it is yet to be understood how the alkaloid does this. There is no other substance that has proven to act like this alkaloid. On completing this process, there is no need to continue using the alkaloid. The alkaloid functions like other treatments that take residence or block receptor sites where chemical substances are harbored. Nevertheless, unlike suboxone or methadone which can cause chemical dependency, this alkaloid is not addictive. There is no need to take it continuously. It treats even the other chemical dependencies because it cleanses drugs from the body while resetting the neuron-chemistry of the body. It feels and appears like the dependency memory is removed from their body and mind.

Addressing Cravings

This alkaloid is also effective in treating drug addiction because it addresses the cravings. Although this can take several days to set up alcohol and stimulants fully, the alkaloid is effective in doing that. It also re balances the chemistry of the brain while leveling out serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins among others to the pre-addicted state. This enables a person to feel better quickly than when they attempt to end addiction without professional assistance. This is why this alkaloid has been proven as the most effective treatment for addiction to stimulants. Since it is stored in the body fat cells, it continues to curb cravings and thoughts of using the addictive substances.

Ibogaine Awakening

This alkaloid is capable of providing critical insights to an individual including the cause of their addiction and their unhealthy habits. This is an acute experience that a person gets within the first hours of administration of this alkaloid. Usually, the unconscious and conscious mind aspects of the patient are merged. During the awakened state, the past events as well as those a person is unconscious about can come to the surface of their thoughts. This has enabled many individuals to understand or get clarifications for their past traumatic situations or events that somehow led to current condition in life. However, it is important to note that the effects of this alkaloid differ from one person to another. Nevertheless, the alkaloid resets and re balances the mind and body of the patient regardless of the kind of experience they get.

At our rehab center, we have witnessed that this alkaloid is incredible in treating drug addictions. We have used it to help many people overcome addiction effectively. If you or a person that you care about is struggling with drug addiction, ibogaine treatment can offer the help that you need. Contact us today or visit our rehab center to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.