Johnny the Healer

Johnny the Healer

When struggling with addiction, many people have tried traditional treatment methods but they have not helped them to heal permanently. Johnny The Healer is the director and Founder of The Holistic Sanctuary. This is an addiction treatment center that uses the Pouyan method that heals human brain. It has been proven to heal and cure PTSD, alcoholism, Pain Medication Dependency and Depression permanently. This is an all-natural treatment method that was discovered by Johnny after conducting extensive research. He has developed and applied the method over the years. The discovery and development of this method were the life-changing events that occurred in his life making him lost almost everything that he considered dear to him.

His losses

Johnny lost his mother to crack cocaine in 1987. At this time, he was only 13 years old. Later in 2001, he lost his brother after he committed suicide while undergoing treatment in an inpatient drug addiction treatment facility. Johnny was also a drug addict for 20 years due to these tragedies. He tried more than 17 traditional addiction treatment programs in his attempt to transform his lifestyle and bring his own addiction to an end. He spent almost ten years trying to recover from drug addiction but none of the conventional addiction treatment plans could help him. These challenges are the ones that prompted him to develop the Pouyan method for treating addiction.

How the Pouyan method works

Johnny The Healer developed a method that has helped many people that are battling addiction. This method entails the use of all-natural, safe, exclusive and effective treatments. These treatments heal human brain by resetting and repairing the neurotransmitters that have been affected by drugs. They restore them to a pre-addictive state enabling the patients to bring addiction to alcohol, prescription medications and drugs to an end permanently. The method can be proven effective in healing addiction based on consistent results confirmation, testing and personal testimonials that patients have written. Using this method, Johnny has enabled many individuals to recover quickly from pain, both emotional and physical, that is associated with substance abuse and chemical dependencies.

Passionate about helping people

Johnny is not a professional medical doctor. However, he is person that is interested in helping people that are battling addiction. In simple terms, he has proven that one does not need to be a medical doctor to provide care to other people. Passion to overcome addiction is enough. Johnny respects and understands physicians’ value. However, he is convinced that how they approach addiction and toxic drugs’ prescription is not a solution that most people are looking for. Therefore, he has come up with a method of restoring a balanced and healthy lifestyle for the patients combined with natural herbs and super food that rejuvenate and heal the patients.

Revolutionary treatment

This method of healing addiction is unique and revolutionary. In his addiction treatment facility, Johnny The Healer uses this method in healing patients. For instance, he has used this method in healing patients with heroin addiction within three days. The method has succeeded in keeping patients permanently clean. Brain scans have been used to prove this method of treating addiction successful. Many patients have described this treatment method as miraculous. At The Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny fulfils his mission. This is a 5-star resort that is located close to the Pacific Ocean in California. While undergoing treatment for drug addiction in The Sanctuary, patients can relax in an environment that is ideal for healing and recovery from drug addiction.

If you or a person that you love is struggling with drug addiction, Johnny The Healer is ready to discuss your problem with him. He is a humanitarian and a healer that wants to help you or a person that you love recover from drug addiction.