Methadone Detox for Methadone Addiction

Conventional addiction rehab centers and drug detox treatment facilities do their very best to make you believe that in order to beat a heroin addiction you must take methadone. But what they are actually doing is intentionally putting you on a much more addictive drug so you stay sick and dependent on more chemicals which means more money in the pockets of the pharmaceutical drug companies. Methadone is an opiate itself and has a detoxification period three times as long compared to Heroin. There’s no way around it, Methadone is a drug that has the same side effects as many opiates and it is extremely addictive. People develop Methadone addiction, just as they become dependent on heroin. The side effects and the dangers of Methadone addiction are there, as they are with any drug. There is no such thing as a drug dependency that is “better” or “healthy” for you.

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It defies all logic to replace one drug addiction with another drug addiction. What does that fix inside of the person struggling with addiction? People suffering from addiction don’t have Methadone deficiency. They don’t need more toxic chemical in their blood stream. Believe it or not, methadone, like any other drug, is dangerous and giving methadone to someone struggling with a dependency problem is like pouring gas on a fire to put it out. It simply doesn’t make any sense. It is merely transferring the problem or putting it off, not addressing the issues that caused the dependency in the first place. Addressing the underlying issues that caused the problem and then heal the body naturally is the only way to truly treat and defeat the addiction.

At The Holistic Sanctuary we don’t use toxic Methadone medicine. We have put together an effective Methadone detox treatment by utilizing potent and all natural healing methods like Hyperbaric Chambers, Organic Food, Organic fresh made cleansing Juices, Energy Healing, Infrared Saunas, Meditation and our own proprietary Amino Acid IV drip filled with vitamins and nutrients that produces a natural and rapid production of neurotransmitters that heals the brain to a pre addicted state. In other words, the patients mind and body is put in a prime state to receive maximum healing naturally, effectively and with minimum to Zero withdrawals. We accomplish our goal of defeating the Methadone addiction once and for all by treating the fundamental causes of the addiction itself in this holistic and natural way.

methadone drug rehabs

We understand the real nature of the problem because we’ve survived it. We have overcome the nightmare of dependency. Drug addiction has to be eradicated in a safe, healthy way, not by lessening the degree of addiction. Any degree of dependency to any drug is dangerous. Addressing the reason for the addiction is the only way to ultimately defeat it.

A healthy body is a key to defeating the problem. Perhaps most importantly, each and every patient is treated with customized One on One treatments. No two people are alike, and no two drug problems are caused for the same reasons. Each patient must be treated differently, so that the real cause of his or her problem can be addressed once and for all.

There’s only one way to truly get off methadone, and that is to resolve the problem that causes dependent behaviors in the first place. Our holistic approach is the only way to naturally get rid of a methadone addiction. If you really want help getting off methadone, or getting a loved one a methadone detox program that will work for good, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We treat everyone battling addiction with the same goal in mind, to permanently defeat addictive tendencies and therefore drug dependency itself.