Learn About Non 12 Step Rehabs

When the person that you care about does not seem to recognize the dangerous effects of drug addiction and the toll it has on their lives, you should seek professional help before it’s too late. It’s very important to realize In most cases when people seek treatment, they turn to 12 step addiction treatment programs. However, there are an increasing number of people that prefer the more effective non 12 step programs to curb drug addiction problems. Although 12 step programs can help patients accept they are addicted and incurable, they also offer a supportive recovery community which is awesome, but they fail to treat the underlying reason why the person is addicted and unable to repair the mental and spiritual depletion that often contribute to or cause alcoholism and addiction. Such problems may include sex addiction and abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD and unless they are recognized and treated with evidence-based therapies, the patient will continue to battle addiction even when they get sober and clean. This is why we take a non 12 step approach in treating addiction at our rehab center.

Non 12 step Treatment programs

Non 12 step drug rehabs explained

These rehabs do not use a 12 steps addiction treatment approach. However, most of them do not oppose the 12 steps approach. Instead, they provide therapeutic, holistic, clinical approach to addiction treatment. Usually, they embrace evidence-based philosophy in treating addiction. Their focus is primarily on the cognitive behavioral therapy. These rehabs are the best option for non-religious people and those looking for a unique approach to addiction treatment. They address the beliefs and needs of individual patients better.

Why people choose non 12 step rehabs

Choosing the right rehab center when struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction can give you the second or third chance that you need in life. The 12 step addiction treatment approach is not a universal solution to addiction problem. This is because although it works in some people, it does not work in others. However, if the 12 steps addiction treatment approach does not work for you, do not feel discouraged. You can try a non 12 steps model.

Here are some of the reasons why some people choose non 12 steps addiction treatment programs:

  • Feeling uncomfortable with spiritual and religious components of 12 steps approach
  • Feeling uncomfortable about the idea of sharing personal experiences with people you do not know
  • Personality or outside issues that might be difficult to expose to a group
  • Need for a scientific approach to your addiction problem

These are the major reasons why you might also want to join a 12 steps rehab when battling addiction. At our non 12 steps addiction treatment center, we offer both outpatient and inpatient programs. These programs are custom designed. They are flexible and designed in a way that enables them to solve individual problems including co-occurring mental problems. We also include holistic treatments in our programs. Such treatments include massage, yoga, nutrition programs, exercise programs and vitamin therapy. At our rehab, we do not see addiction as a permanent or lifelong disease. We focus on your self-empowerment as well as finding motivation that will enable you to get sober and clean. We enable you to participate in designing your recovery program.

Benefits of non 12 step addiction treatment programs

The best non 12 step treatment centers offer programs that are very beneficial to patients.

Their benefits include:

  • Evidence-based addiction treatment practices
  • Self-reliance and self-empowerment
  • Non-religious approach to addiction treatment
  • Updated treatment practices
  • Addiction education

At our rehab center, we ensure that you or the person that you care about benefits from addiction treatment fully. Contact or visit us at holisticsanctuarydrugrehab today if you need help of the best non 12 step alcohol rehabs. We assure you the best treatment for addiction.