Non AA Drug Rehabs Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a well-known 12 step program that has helped millions of people over the years. However the concepts and designs of the program are not always the best options for everyone. There is no denying that the Program of AA can work and is effective for many, but there are also those that do not necessarily feel comfortable in a 12 step program and the methods and methods it uses. Today more people are looking for alternatives to these traditional rehabilitation rehabs and are looking to make use of non AA drug rehabs to help them in their healing and recovery process.

Why Some Choose to Avoid AA Type Programs

There are a number of reasons that some look to avoid the traditional programs used in drug rehab programs and centers. First, not everyone is comfortable opening up and participating in the group format that is a main part of 12 step programs. The notion of standing up and claiming to be powerless or an addict is counterproductive. The other issue some have is the religious aspect, people are more comfortable with the idea that Non AA and the 12 step programs are not religion-based programs, making some people feel more at ease. There are regular references to spirituality and religion and prayer, and some people just has a problem the God word and others just don’t believe in a high power and feel they are forced.  All in all choosing a more one-on-one setting to seek help and guidance in the recovery process is  a sure bet. 

Options Outside of AA Rehabs

Since many experts and studies have shown that any type of recovery program really only works well if the patient involved has faith and believes in the program. So those who do not fit into the typical AA program can find help in other rehab centers and facilities that use different approaches. The idea is to match the person seeking recovery with a program that they are going to believe in and follow to get the help they need. That is why there are more programs available today that make use of newer methods and more holistic methods to incorporate the entire person and not be centered on religion or even group methods.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to seek out non AA drug rehabs when you are looking for help. The important part is to choose a program that is going to help you the most and provide you with the most support on your road to recovery. Choose the program that you most feel comfortable with so that you can give yourself the best chance at success.