Opiate Addiction Treatment

opiate drug rehabs

As prescription drugs hijack the mind, body and spirit of America’s youth, the multibillion-dollar drug industry’s profit rates seem healthier than ever.

As a direct result of this drug prescribing frenzy that American doctors enjoy today, a zombie like multi-generation grows with no end in sight within the United States laws and territories. It is sad to say that the only way to become truly free from opiates addiction in North America is by leaving the land of the free.

Many of these expensive addiction problems start out with prescription drugs such as Codeine, Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone, and when the dependency becomes unaffordable, it escalate to something far worse. What starts out as a seemingly harmless quest to relax or to “take the edge off” by popping a few pills can lead to a serious, debilitating opiate dependency. Even people simply treating minor ailments or stress related issues with opiates can become addicted over time, and most patients don’t realize they have a problem until it is too far along and hard to overcome.

These drugs affect the opioid receptors found in the brain, providing an unnatural pain killing effect that is dangerous and very, very seductive. Once the person is hooked, it will develop into an extremely hard habit to break.

If you have spotted any opiate addiction or dependency symptoms in someone you know, yourself or in a loved one, you need to seek opiate addiction treatment right away. No matter how the problem started, it is one that must be overcome, and it must be done in a natural and healthy way. Typical opiate dependency symptoms include but are not limited to:

•Weight Loss

•Loss of Appetite



•Mood Swings


•Nausea & Vomiting

•Glazed Eyes

The Holistic Sanctuary offers a healthy, all natural opioid and opiate addiction treatment program that is both safe and extremely effective. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we attack the root cause of the addiction by utilizing plant based medicine and a holistic approach that addresses the fundamental causes of the addiction in a nurturing, harmless and comprehensive way.

Instead of prescribing more drugs to temporarily ease a drug addiction, our One on One treatments are designed to fit each patient’s unique challenges. Our protocols include deep rooted detox treatments with the use of hyperbaric chambers, relaxing massages and organic coffee enemas. We use cutting edge energy healing methods and feed the body and mind in a very healthy way by serving only wholesome organic foods and fresh made cleansing juices. We treat our patients with our own proprietary IV drip with amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that stimulate a natural production of dopamine, to naturally curb painful cravings and heal the patient’s brain to a pre-dependency state to ensure a complete healing and a long lasting recovery.

Our unprecedented healing success rates are proof that addiction can be defeated permanently. We believe the conventional ways of feeding people who battle with addiction already with more toxic drugs is not only a poor way of dealing with the problem, but also a horrible way of treating struggling individuals who are desperately trying to brake free from their dependencies.

Our holistic opiate addiction treatment is safe and effective and offers the only truly healthy way to beat the dependency. Don’t let opiates hijack your spirit or even take another life, contact us today to get the best and most sincere help for opiate addiction that can be found.