One of the highest forms of revitalizing your body is diet. Throughout decades of scientific studies and endless evidence, fruits and vegetables stand the test of time for optimizing your body. In the cycles of addiction, bodies are broken down, poisoned, and abused to an alarming degree. It’s often that a person cannot handle the intoxication, and eventually face severe consequences such as degradation, disease, infection, and death.

Our juice cleanse and nutrition programs not only consist of high doses of vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, but with organic produce. The produce we use for your treatment involve no pesticides, or harmful chemical additives, ensuring while you stay with us your diet is nutrient dense and delicious. Much produce is labeled as being all natural but this does not ensure these goods are 100% GMO free, instead we trust only 100% organic produce.

Holistic Sanctuary offers nothing less than five star accommodations for your mind, body and spirit. We aim not only to heal you, but to give you a long lasting experience you can remember as the moment when everything changed for the better.

Organic Produce Cleansing

Our fresh juices and coffee enemas cleanse your body, while restoring your immune system, digestive system, and enabling the healing process. Organic produce is truer to the flavor of vegetables and fruits, allowing you to experience these amazing foods in their natural state.

Harmful pesticides can alter the way our bodies process nutrients, leaving your system ineffective against the healing necessary to recovery for substance abuse. As these toxic chemicals all form a hazardous cocktail that damages your body, drug abuse wreaks more havoc on your body that normal. With our nutritious meals and resort level accommodations, we make sure your health is optimized to a degree you never thought possible. This is our mission, to heal mind, body, and spirit.