As much as people do all they can to stop the problem of drug addiction it continues to be an epidemic in the United States today. Heroin addiction alone has grown in some areas by more than one thousand percent. There are now more than double the amount of treatment centers than there were ten years ago. The number of treatment centers, however, is not the real issue. The real issue is that the treatment provided at these centers does not work.


The treatments provided are the same old story at each place – provide prescription medication to treat addiction, send patients to group therapy sessions and enroll them in a 12 step program where they can be told they have a disease that cannot be cured. None of this works and a large majority of patients at these centers end up experiencing a relapse. What is really needed is an entirely new approach to rehab, one that does so much more for the individual patient to help them re-build their way of thinking and how their brain operates so they can go back to the way it was before addiction when they had control over their lives and felt empowered to do anything.


This method is available when you seek treatment atThe Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary is a place of healing that is more than any other center you will find and one that has left specialists and experts dumbfounded with the amazing results.What is done at The Holistic Sanctuary defies everything these experts believed all along and shows that addiction cannot only be treated properly but addiction can be CURED with the right approach.


The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of methods using only natural resources in each treatment, such as natural supplements, plants and herbs, oxygen, sunshine, organic foods and methods of positive reinforcement to bring about change as the brain is re-trained and the body and mind renewed to get rid of addiction.


The Holistic Sanctuary drug rehab provides private drug rehab and uses treatments using natural substances such as Ibogaine and Ayahuasca along with methods involving oxygen therapy, stem cell therapy, IV infusions, amino acid drips, cleanses and more. Patients receive personalized drug rehab that amounts to 120 hours of one-on-one therapy in a 30 day period. Patients will not experience the traditional uses of toxic prescription medications, group counseling filled with psychological jargon or 12 step programs that talk down to you and say you cannot be cured, all of which lead you on a road to nowhere but relapse.


The Holistic Sanctuary usesthe Pouyan Method, a proprietary method founded by Johnny the Healer, the creator of the Holistic Sanctuary. Since opening as a personalized drug rehab and private drug rehab in 2012, over 600 patients have been cured of addiction, many of which had failed multiple times at other centers. These success stories help to reinforce Johnny the Healer and his standing as a pioneer in addiction treatment.


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