Pouyan Method: The Most Innovative Approach to Addiction Treatment

When seeking addiction treatment, you need treatment that is innovative and effective. One of the most effective methods is known as Pouyan method, which refers to an exclusive proprietary technique that is used in a luxury drug rehab to help patients overcome drug addiction. This method takes a different approach to addiction treatment. It does not entail treatment styles that focus on traditional methods of curing addiction. Most traditional addiction treatment set ups entails dealing with patients using a 12 step counseling as well as recovery program. This program requires the patients to admit that they cannot fight addiction on their own. Some rehabs combine this program with some medical treatments that include prescription medications some of which are as addictive and toxic as drugs that a patient is trying to overcome their addiction. This implies that traditional rehab methods make patients feel like they are fighting a battle that they cannot win. As such, traditional rehabilitation traps patients in a cycle of addiction and defeat.

A unique approach

This approach is different from traditional rehabilitation pouyan methods. It provides a unique way of curing addiction via natural and holistic methods. It is an all-natural method of curing addiction – pouyan method and it does not treat addiction only. Instead, it aims at curing a patient while eradicating addiction completely and permanently. This method entails taking a personalized therapeutic approach. The approach that is taken is usually unique because patients are affected by addiction differently. With this pouyan method, there are no standard protocol lists that are followed. Different treatments and therapies are included including therapies for brain repair and detoxification program. The detoxification program that is used uses all natural methods only. No prescription medication is used to detoxify patients. Therapies and treatments are combined with a healthy, organic diet, meditation and physical training. These enable patients to recover from addiction more rapidly.

The most innovative approach

There are many approaches to addiction treatment. However, Pouyan method is the most innovative approach. It is a completely new and distinctive approach to addiction treatment. It provides an opportunity for patients to achieve complete healing of the soul, mind and body. When this pouyan method is combined with elimination of stigmas, it provides an opportunity that the patients need to make significant changes in their lives. It provides a chance that many patients look for when seeking help with addiction enabling them to eradicate addiction.

Healing the brain

This method – pouyan is very effective because it heals the human brain. It cures addiction, depression, PTSD, alcoholism and trauma. This claim might be difficult for some people to believe. However, the results are apparent. If a comparative scan of the brain is done before and after the treatment, the reversal of the damage caused by the addictive or abused drugs over the years can be seen clearly. This is what is referred to as returning the brain to its pre-addicted state. The profound change that is achieved with this method it is as a result of detoxification of the body. This process cleanses the body of the extraneous chemicals while restoring balance to the GI tract of the body, reducing Candida as well as other effects of an unhealthy diet or lifestyle. Through detoxification, the body is stimulated to produce neuro-transmitters like Serotonin which control the mood of a person. This is followed by the administration of plant medicines which include Ayahuasca and Ibogaine. All these help in resetting the patient’s brand while providing spiritual healing.


Comprehensive healing

With this pouyan method, a patient undergoes comprehensive healing. The approach entails the use of unprecedented therapies combination to heal a person of the trauma that they have experienced over the years, physical ailments, negative pre-conceptions and permanent dependence on drugs. After undergoing treatment using this method, a person gets freedom that they need to lead a life that they have always dreamed of. With Pouyan method, a patient leaves their past behind forever because they are transformed into a new person. If you or a person that you care about is battling addiction, get in touch with us to find out how our rehab can help.

Thousands of people every year come face to face with drug addiction. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they’re actually a drug addict until it’s far too late. Whether it’s a lost job, a shattered relationship, a foreclosed home, or facing time in prison, the path of drug addictions lead to the worst places imaginable. Most addicts eventually encounter a brief moment of self-