Addiction continues to plague the United States, reaching near epidemic proportions in recent years with many areas reporting an increase in heroin addiction of over one thousand percent in the last ten years. While the number of treatment centers available has more than doubled during that same ten year span, the recovery rate has continued to decline and fail. It is not the lack of centers that is the problem; the problem is the treatment being provided at these centers.


Most of these centers continue to use the same protocol as they have for many years, prescribing toxic and addictive medications to help addicts and using outdated therapy methods to guide treatment. Many also include the use of 12 step programs that tend to belittle patients, leaving them feeling they have no hope at all for a cure. The treatment methods need to be overhauled to make the care more customized but also to focus care on finding a way to re-build the way the brain of an addict operates so that they can revert back to a way of thought before addiction, to a time when they had the power and control so they can guide their own lives mind, body and spirit.


Treatment of this nature does exist at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary is a unique healing center that has left experts flabbergasted at the positive results they have achieved with their patients. The treatment provided goes against everything experts have taught and said for years yet it really works – providing patients with more than just a chance to heal but a chance to reach a CURE for their addiction so they can claim their lives back.


The Holistic Sanctuary only uses natural sources for all of their treatments, including oxygen, natural supplements, organic diets, sunshine and methods that lead towards positive reinforcement so that the brain can be re-built, the mind healed and the spirit reawakened of each and every patient.


The Holistic Sanctuary drug rehab works with all kinds of addiction and is a Suboxone addiction rehab, making use of proven methods using Ibogaine to stop opiate cravings and withdrawals and provide insight into the addict’s nature so they can change their course on their own. Treatments also include the use of stem cell therapy, oxygen therapy, organic diet plans, cleanses, IV therapies and more. Each treatment plan is personalized for the individual and patients receive extensive 6 hour a day one-on-one treatments at the center. This has proven to be much more effective than the addictive and toxic prescription medications and faulty 12 step programs that provide no relief or guidance to the individual, dooming them to relapse.


TheHolistic Sanctuaryuses the Pouyan Method,a system used only at the Sanctuary and discovered by the founder Johnny the Healer, as a method in their Suboxone addiction rehab. Hundreds of patients have achieved a cure in this program, including those who failed and relapsed after treatment in other places. This has led to Johnny the Healer being hailed as a visionary in the field of addiction treatment.

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