Suboxone Detox & Suboxone Side Effects

The most vital fact you should learn about buprenorphine and naloxone (Suboxone) is that it is not a solution. It can cause dependence along with withdrawal symptoms and even death from overdose, especially if mixed with tranquilizers.

Not too different from illegal drugs, this life threatening prescription drug can deteriorate your health and practically lead you to the same place you may be trying to get away from.

It is a provocative and contradictive fact that the very drug used to cure addiction at conventional drug rehab centers in the US becomes addictive. They simply replace one addiction with another, getting patients hooked on drugs deemed to be “safer”, but there is no such thing as a safe drug. Suboxone is extremely addictive and unhealthy. Just to mention a few, here is a list of suboxone side effects:

Painful or difficult urination

Feeling weak, dizzy, or lightheaded


Lower back or side agony

Feeling of warmness or heat

Fever or chills

Blushing or redness of the skin, particularly on the face and neck


Bloating or swelling of the face, arms, hands, lower legs, or feet

•Rapid weight gain

Tingling of the hands or feet

Unusual weight gain or loss

Cough or harshness



At the Holistic Sanctuary we understand how dangerous any drug can be, so we attack the problem at its foundation. Other drug rehab facilities don’t address the underlying problems that cause someone to become an addict in the first place. They lead the patient to simply become hooked on a different drug. Instead of being dependent on Vicodine or Codeine, for example, the patient is now addicted to Suboxone. To put it simply, the patient still have the addiction problem and is now craving a different fix.

The Holistic Sanctuary utilizes a safe, healthy and holistic suboxone detox approach. We don’t substitute one drug for another, or get our patients hooked on something else. The last thing the patient need is more toxic chemicals in his or her body. We treat the underlying psychological and emotional problems that fuel addictive behavior, we provide a powerful cleanse down to a cellular level with the help of natural super herbs such as Ibogaine, we utilize our own proprietary amino acid IV drips that fires up a healthy and natural production of neurotransmitters that heals the brain to a pre addicted state and helps the patient to regain full brain function and cognition to increase the chances of a long lasting recovery and we also teach a completely new empowering lifestyle, just to mention a few of our potent and revolutionizing methods that sets us apart from all other conventional rehabs.

By providing this level of cleanse we also eliminate different kinds of toxins stored in the body of the patient that prevent healing such as Candida which is a common yeast type overgrowth that can cause serious infections or diseases but also prevents the production of serotonin that is produced in the gut and GI tract.

We know that suboxone side effects can be brutal and the cravings are tough to overcome, causing many people to relapse, but by using our plant based brain healing protocol “The Pouyan Method” for a potent suboxone detox we significantly curb these cravings to a minimum level in a healthy and natural way.

We offer only wholesome, healthy, safe and effective approaches to treat our patients. Our goal is to heal mind, body & soul and provide our patients with the necessary tools to continue to thrive once they leave our care. It is the only way to effectively and permanently cure addiction.

Our objective is to defeat addiction, not to displace it. If you or someone you know needs a Suboxone detox, we can help once and for all. Our Suboxone detox regimen is safe, natural, and very effective. We stand ready to permanently eradicate addiction from anyone who comes to The Holistic Sanctuary.