The Holistic Sanctuary Treatment Centers in US

When seeking treatment for drug addiction, you want to undergo treatment in a nice environment with amenities, services and support that you need to beat addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary is a 5-star holistic addiction treatment center. The center has enabled many people to overcome heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, alcoholism and much more. It has also enabled many people to address mental problems that are associated with addiction including depression, PTSD and trauma among others. At The Sanctuary, we use the Pouyan method which is different from the healing modalities of other addiction treatment centers. We are the owners of the patents of this addiction treatment method. We work holistically when treating drug addiction and alcoholism. We focus on healing the inside of the addict without using prescription medication. Our approach to addiction treatment has been proven the best for healing not just addiction but eating disorders and other problems as well.

Using plant medicine to cure addiction

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we believe in the power of plant medicines. As such, we use Ayahuasca ceremonies and ibogaone treatment in curing addiction. Unlike other rehabs, we do not embrace a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. We focus on offering the most natural, powerful, effective and holistic treatment using an addiction treatment method that has been proven effective in treating addiction and associated ailments. We put patients first in everything that we do. At our Sanctuary, we have specialists that focus on healing the whole person. We resolve spiritual, mental and body issues of the patients who seek treatment for drug addiction at our Sanctuary. We use Ibogaine treatment and Ayahuasca retreats in treating addictions and co-occurring mental disorders.

Luxury healing facility

Your comfort is very important when undergoing treatment for drug addiction. In fact, it influences the rate at which you heal from drug addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary is a world-class addiction healing center. It is an oceanfront facility that provides all-natural healing to patients. It focuses on restoring balance in the spirit, mind and body of the patient. This enables the patient to physically heal from addiction and lead a drug-free life. It helps in repairing the damage that alcohol or drugs may have caused in the body and mind of the patients. At the Sanctuary, patients enjoy the luxury of having private, comfortable rooms. We also have experienced addiction treatment specialists who provide personalized care, support and treatment to patients. Ours is a luxury Sanctuary that cures addiction. We heal human brain, restore balance and harmony and give addicts a second chance in life. We do this without using toxic medications such as subutex or suboxone that conventional rehab centers use. This is because they are undeniably dangerous with horrific effects.

Ideal place for recovering from addiction

The ability of our Sanctuary to heal the body, mind and spirit is not just because of the effectiveness of our therapy. It is also due to the surroundings that we provide to patients. The Sanctuary provides a relaxing and calm high end environment to patients. We also have the best accommodations and incredible amenities. The setting of the Sanctuary is private and safe. Our non-punitive healing modalities allow for holistic healing of the patients. The stunning décor and amazing views from our facility provide the best atmosphere for overcoming addiction. The Sanctuary takes you away from your troublesome environment to a place where you can relax, reflect and focus on detoxification and restoration of your body and mind from within you.

If you or a person that you love wants to overcome addiction, The Holistic Sanctuary is most definitely the place for you. Contact or visit The Sanctuary today for more information.