Give us two weeks at The Holistic Sanctuary and we will give you your life back. It’s that simple, although many people may not believe that you can get over drug addiction within such a short time. At our healing center, we do not believe in wasting people’s time and money by taking them through our program without any results within the shortest time possible. We understand the suffering that addicts go through when  bound by their drug addiction, depression,  and the desperation that accompanies their need to be cured from it. It is for this reason that most of our programs require a minimum of two weeks stay at The Holistic Sanctuary in order to see powerful healing and changes in the body and mind.


We offer the best Ibogaine Treatment, not only because we say so but our numbers speak for us as well. Over ninety percent or more of our patients have been healed after undergoing medical detox at our center using our Pouyan Method with ibogaine. They testify that within the two weeks they have been able to withstand any cravings for drugs and do not suffer any withdrawal symptoms which have given them a boost to work on themselves getting better. We do not deny the fact that some our patients take longer than two weeks to get fully recovered depending on a number of factors, but the bottom line is that majority do get healed as long as they are committed to the program.


The fourteen day Pouyan method is our signature treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

If you have been asking the question, What is Ibogaine? You need to pay a visit to The Holistic Sanctuary and get a feel of the changes it brings to the body and mind when administered correctly. Ibogaine is extracted from the African shrub, Tabernan the iboga and has been used for many years in the continent for healing purposes. It discovery by other people outside the continent such as Johnny The Healer has brought hope to many who are addicted to drugs such as heroin, opiates and alcohol among others. Johnny The Healer, a former addict of heroin got healed using ibogaine and has never looked back again. It is on this premise that he set up this unique Holistic drug rehab and developed the one of a kind, Pouyan Method.


In general, the Pouyan Method is a transformational program exclusively given at the Holistic Sanctuary for the healing of drug addiction. The program which is intensely administered to patients for two weeks involves the use of ibogaine as a core treatment option as well as other therapies that support its effects on the body. Even as ibogaine aims to heal the brain and restore it to its previous state, the other therapies work on building the body back to health and strengthening it as well. a combination of the plant herb medicine and therapies ensure that you are made whole and are ready to face life with more vigor.


Treatment using ibogaine at our healing center is guaranteed

Although most ibogaine clinics shy away from confirming whether their treatment programs can heal, we can boldly say that our powerful system the Pouyan Method with ibogaine treatment heals heroin and drug addiction so that the patients walk out of here completely withdrawal free and without pain mainly not addicted to suboxone or methadone. We believe in quality not quantity in the time spent at the healing center. Our aim is to help as many people as possible and have them recommend us to friends and family that are bound in opiate and drug addiction among other disorders so that they can be cured as well.

Apart from offering effective treatment methods at The Holistic Sanctuary, we also ensure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. As a patient at our treatment center you are entitled to a number of luxury amenities set up just for you so that your mind is relaxed as you go through the program. It does not matter whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, we have something for everyone and with a bit of effort you will find activities that you enjoy on the premises. For quality treatment using ibogaine, The Holistic Sanctuary is the best place to be now and forever more.