What is Ibogaine?

The Holistic Sanctuary is the premier holistic drug rehab facility available to people suffering from many unhealthy addictions. We understand addiction and its associated problems from its core because we have faced it ourselves. By direct experience and based on our healing methods success rate, we can assure that there is a safe and very healthy way to treat and eradicate such a serious problem.  

ibogaine rehabs

For example, instead of breaking one habit by replacing it with a different one, such as giving a patient methadone, we implement our Ibogaine treatment that naturally helps break heroin, opiates and other dependency issues in a safe and non-disturbing way. With our Ibogaine treatment we not only treat and significantly reduce the withdrawals that cause so many patients to break, but renew them in both a satisfying and healthy fashion.  

We understand the entire problem must be addressed, from the underlying issues that caused the dependency in the first place, to the pains and cravings that must be overcome during detoxification. Ibogaine treatment is one safe, effective, natural and almost painless way to treat the withdrawals that all patients face.  

Ibogaine in and of itself is not the only part of the solution, however. It is one healthy piece in a comprehensive plan to solve the problem. But in order to definitely end the addiction in a healthy way it’s necessary to tackle the problem from various angles. We do this by providing every patience with Hyperbaric chambers, Energy Healing, Organic Food, Organic fresh made cleansing juices, Massage Therapy, Organic Coffee enemas, Customized One on One treatments instead of group meetings and a proprietary IV drip with amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients that stimulate a natural production of dopamine to bring the patient’s brain to a pre-addicted state, to mention a few of many other methods included in Ibogaine treatment.  

Finding the root of the drug addiction itself is the only way to permanently defeat it. “The Pouyan Method” offer a unique solution that has proven its success time and time again rendering all conventional treatments obsolete.